Welcome Texas A&M Commerce Students!

Welcome! I’m sure you’ve tried Virtual Reality by now, if not, come try! We’re just a short drive down the road in Sulphur Springs TX at 317 Spring Street.

If you have, you know it’s better to play with friends!

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We have over 70 unique games and experiences. Would you like to squad up with your friends in a Call Of Duty like experience? … we have that with PAVLOV !

We also have freeroam gaming where 4 friends can play together in a 15’x15′ arena and become the heros in HeroZoneVR. Your heart will pound and race as you try to annihilate zombies before they get you!

Have you been practicing Beat Saber on your headset and ready to challenge your friends or all the best players around in a tournament? …. we have that!

Would you like to create and experience art? … we have that with Tilt Brush, The Museum of Other Realities, Art Plunge, and more!