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Third Annual SCREAMFest ! Oct 24th – 29th

It’s time! Join us for a week of outdoor movies, virtual Haunted Houses, and Dead Walking on the Square!

Latest details and discussion are always on our Facebook Events Page.

As always, most of the events are FREE, but with a small suggested donation to benefit Let Love Live – they specialize in heart worm positive rescues and help many of the worst cases in East Texas. Learn more by visiting their Facebook and Web page.

Every night Monday through Friday at 7pm we will have outdoor movies! Every selection will fun fun, scary, exciting, and something you’ve likely never seen before. Popcorn and cider will be provided. Dressing up is highly encouraged!

Inside the Arcade on those nights we will have virtual haunted experiences that range from spooky to EXTREMELY SCARY! ….. Each experience is a $5 donation to Let Love Live – ALL proceeds, 100% will be given to Let Love Live

On Saturday Oct 29th – You won’t want to miss the Dead Walking on the Square experience. Dress up in your scariest costume and we’ll walk from VR Social to and around the square from 6:30pm to 8pm. Our goal is to have the Square SCREAMING! …. but please do so in a safe manner :

– Walk don’t run
– Don’t stop in the intersections – no blocking traffic
– WALK – You are scarier when slowly moving

Thanks for all your support of our small business! We hope to see you at ALL these events!